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Tableau Classes in BTM Layout Bangalore

Best Tableau Training in

Tableau Training in BTM Layout & Best Tableau Classes in Bangalore

Ecare Technologies offers the best Tableau Training in BTM Layout with most experienced professionals. We conduct all our students from the Basic Level of Tableau Classes to Advanced level. All these Classes are undergone not only theoretically, but also are executed on the real-time basis. Our Trainers are Real-time Working professionals in the Tableau Field from many years with hands on real time Tableau Project Knowledge.

Ecare Technologies is a highly experienced Tableau Training Institute in BTM Layout. This has helped students to get placed in top MNCs. We Offer Tableau Classes in BTM Layout for working professionals and students. we offer Regular training classes in Morning Batches and Evening Batches we also offer Weekend Training classes and Fast-track Training Classes for Tableau Course.


Introduction and getting started

Tableau Desktop’s role in the Tableau product line

Application Terminology

View Terminology

Data Terminology

Visual course for fields

Best practices in connecting to Data


Working with meta data

What happens when the data source changes?

Overview of other connection options

Working with Data


Filtering your data

The value of using a heat map


Building groups

Building Hierarchies


Combined sets

In and out sets

Working with special field types


Data fields

Measure values and measure Names

Latitude and longitude(generated)

Working with special field types


Combo Charts(bar and line or mixed mark)

Highlight table

Bings, histograms, calculated bins

Tree Maps

Motion charts

Working with space marks

Building Custom calculations


Overview of calculations and the calculation engine

Manipulating strings and data calculations

Calculations and aggregations

Logic statements

Grand totals, sub-totals and changing aggregation

Creating quick table calculations

Introduction to Parameters statistical Visual Analysis


Reference lines/bands/distributions

Trend modeling and forecasting

Building Dash boards


Overview of dash bands

Building your first dash board

Making Applications Interactive by Using Actions


What is an action?

Options for running actions

Highlight actions

Filter actions

URL actions

Options for sharing work


Tableau packaged workbooks

Publishing to Tableau server(web)

Publishing to Tableau Rader

Publishing to Tableau Public

Publishing to PDF

Exporting to an image file

Exporting the data only

Introduction and Getting Started


Tableau Desktop’s role in the Tableau product line

Application Terminology

View Terminology

Data Terminology

Visual cues for fields



Desktop architecture

Customizing data connections

Data blending

Working with calculated Data


Review basic calculations

Understanding where calculations occur

Options for documenting your calculations

Aggregating as attributes in calculations for data conversion

Advanced table calculations

Working with Parameters

Advanced mapping


Automatic geocoding of data

Built- in geocoding

Custom geocoding

Path mapping of point to point distribution

Using background images for spatical analysis

Building Advanced Visualizations


Comparing measures towards a goal or benchmark

Bar in bar

Bullet graph

Top or Bottom N

Nested top N

Distributions of data

Box and wishker plot

Pareto analysis

Program management (Gantt chart)

Market segmentation(Master basket analysis)

Additional visualizations

Building Better dashboards


Reviewing types of actions

Use of parameters as filters

Best practices in Tableau dashboard design

Sharing your work


Packaging workbooks

Publishing to Tableau server (web)

Publishing to Tableau Rader

Publishing to Tableau Public

Publishing to PDF

Exporting to an image file

Exporting the data only

Tableau File Types and Extensions


Tableau Server/Online 10

Working with data


Task scheduling and extracts

Embedding URLs

Administration & Configuration


Tableau file type and extensions

Component functions

Sharing work

Publishing to Tableau server

Publishing to Tableau Public

Tableau public premium

Tableau packaged workbooks

Tableau Reader

Save to office and share image file

Save to PDF

Export data only

Architecture and component Functions


Gateway server

Repository service

Application server

vizQL server

Fast data engine

Backgrounder service

Data server

Process Flows


Create a visualization in Tableau desktop

Publish a visualization to Tableau server

View a visualization in Tableau server

Schedule an extract or data source

Add a user in Tableau server

Tableau server security Model




Authorization and permissions

Tableau Server Configuration


Data Server

Schedule and task administration


Data Security

Embedding and URL parameters

Command line utilities

Log files administration

Monitoring and auditing

Performance recording

Advanced configuration options

SSL Configuration

Java script and TDE API

Real Time Project Overview


Banking projects case study

Supply chain project case study

Job Assistance

Job guaranty for shortlisted candidates

Job support After Getting JOB


Hard copy Material

Resume preparation

Recordings Available in Lab

TABLEAU Course Content:



•             Course Introduction


Field Types and Visual Cues


•             Tableau Desktop

•             Scenario

•             Objectives

•             Application Terminology and Definitions

•             Opening and Closing Tableau

•             Data Source Page

•             Tableau Workspace

•             Files and Folders

•             Getting Started with Tableau

•             View Terminology and Definitions

•             View Sections

•             Data Terminology and Definitions

•             Data Types

•             Data Roles: Dimension vs. Measure

•             Data Roles: Continuous vs. Discrete

•             Changing Data Roles

•             Visual Cues for Fields

•             Visual Cues for Fields in the Data Pane

•             Visual Cues for Fields in the Rows or Column Shelves



Data Connection in Tableau Interface


•             Data Connections in the Tableau

•             Connecting to Tableau Data Server

•             What is a Join

•             Types of Joins

•             When to Use Joining

•             Enabling Right Outer Join

•             Right Outer Join and Custom SQL Enabled

•             What is Data Blending

•             When to Use Data Blending

•             Data Blending in Tableau

•             Differences Between Joining and Blending

•             Joining vs. Blending

•             Writing Custom SQL

•             Prepare your Data for Analysis


Organizing and Simplifying Data


•             Organizing and Simplifying Data

•             Objectives

•             Filtering Data

•             What is a Filter

•             Applying a Filter to a View

•             Filtering on Dimensions

•             Filtering on Dimensions Functions

•             Aggregating Measures

•             Filtering on Measures

•             Filtering on Dates

•             Quick Filters

•             Sorting of Data

•             What is Sorting

•             Sorting Data in Tableau

•             Types of Sorting

•             Creating Combined Fields

•             Combined Fields

•             Creating Groups and Defining Aliases

•             What is a Group

•             What are Aliases

•             Defining an Alias

•             Working with Sets and Combined Sets

•             Sets

•             Combined Sets

•             Working with Groups and Sets

•             Drill to Other Levels in a Hierarchy

•             Grand totals and Subtotals

•             Adding Totals

•             Adding Totals

•             How to Define Aggregations

•             Changing Aggregation Function

•             Tableau Bins

•             Bins

•             Fixed Sized Bins

•             Variable Sized Bins


Formatting and Annotations


•             Formatting and Annotations

•             Custom Geocoding

•             Adding Caption to Views

•             Click Interaction Adding Title to View

•             Click Interaction2 Adding Captions to View

•             Using Titles Captions and Tool tips

•             Adding Tooltips to Views

•             Using Title Caption and Tooltip

•             Formatting the Axes      

•             Edit Axis Option

•             Formatting Views with Labels and Annotations

•             Format Window

•             Format Mark Labels

•             Annotations

•             Format Manipulations


Special Field Types


•             Special Field Types

•             Date Hierarchies

•             Drilling in the Time Hierarchy

•             Pivoting Date Parts on Shelves

•             Differentiate Between Discrete and Continuous Dates

•             Using Continuous Dates

•             Using Discrete Dates

•             Working with Discrete and Continuous dates

•             What are Custom Dates

•             Creating and Using Custom Dates

•             Fiscal Year

•             Define a Date Field on a Fiscal Year

•             Relative Date Filters

•             Importing Date Dimensions in Tableau from a Cube

•             Work with Date Hierarchies on Cubes

•             Dates in Cube (Multidimensional) Data Sources

•             Dates in Cubes Vs. Relational Data Sources


Tableau Generated Fields


•             Tableau Generated Fields

•             Using Measure Values and Measure Names

•             Using Multiple Measures in a View

•             Using the Number of Records Measure 

•             Using Latitude and Longitude Fields


Chart Types


•             Chart Types

•             Working with Combined Axis

•             Working with Combination Charts

•             Understanding geocoding and geographic mapping in tableau

•             Combined Axis Graph and Scatter Plot

•             Describe text and highlight tables

•             Work with Pages Shelf and Create Motion Charts

•             Heat Maps

•             Using Bins and Histograms

•             Using Histograms

•             Using Pie Charts

•             Compare Measures Using Bullet Charts

•             Using Bar in Bar Charts

•             Define Advanced Chart Types

•             Using Pareto Charts

•             Creating Pareto Charts

•             Using Waterfall Charts

•             Using Gantt Charts

•             Working with box plots

•             Using Spark line Charts




•             Calculations

•             Objectives

•             Strings Date Logical and Arithmetic Calculation

•             Working with Strings Date Logical and Arithmetic Calculations

•             Using Strings Date Logical and Arithmetic Calculations

•             Working with Arithmetic Calculations

•             Aggregation Options

•             Working with Aggregation Options

•             Grand Totals and Sub-Totals

•             Quick Table Calculations

•             Creating Quick Table Calculations

•             Working with Quick Table Calculations

•             Automatic and Custom Split

•             Ad-hoc Analytics

•             LOD Calculations


Creating and using Parameters


•             Creating and using Parameters

•             Objectives

•             What is a Parameter

•             Creating a Parameter

•             Exploring Parameter Controls

•             Work with Parameters

•             Click Interaction Working with Parameters




•             Mapping

•             Objectives

•             Modifying Locations within Tableau

•             Importing and Modifying Custom Geocoding

•             Working with Symbol Map and Filled Map

•             Using Background Image

•             Exploring Geographic Search

•             Perform Pan Zoom Lasso and Radial Selection

•             Working with WMS Server Maps




•             Statistics

•             Objectives

•             Add Reference Lines Bands and Distribution

•             Adding Reference Lines

•             Adding Reference Bands

•             Adding Reference Distribution

•             Working Reference Lines Bands and Forecasting

•             Trend lines and Trend Models

•             Understanding Trend Lines

•             Enabling Trend lines

•             Click Interaction Understanding Trend Models

•             Working with Describe Trend Model Window

•             Working with Trend Lines

•             Statistical Summary Card

•             Perform Drag and Drop Analytics

•             Explore Instant Analysis

•             Forecasting




•             Dashboards

•             Objectives

•             Build Interactive Dashboards

•             What is a Dashboard

•             Building Dashboards

•             Best practices for creating effective dashboards

•             Comprehending Best Practices

•             Creating a Dashboard and Importing Sheets

•             Interaction Exploring Dashboard Actions

•             Use of Running Actions

•             Using Dashboard Actions

•             Sharing your Work

•             How to Share your Reports

•             Exporting your Work


Case Study


•             Project

•             Resume preparation

•             Mock interviews



Additional benefits from ecare technologies

•             Course Material

•             Sample resumes and Fine tuning of Resume

•             Interview Questions

•             Mock Interviews by Real time Consultants

•             Certification Questions

•             Job Assistance


Popular Interview Questions for Tableau Training

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  • Certified Professionals

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I took Tableau training in ecare Marathalli branch in Batch TABLEAU trainer is very knowledgeable and the Management and HR team at ecareis excellent. Am planning to take few more courses in future.

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