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R Analytics Programming Training Institutes in Bangalore

Best R Analytics Programming Training in Bangalore

R Analytics Programming Training in Marathahalli & Best R Analytics Programming Training Institutes in Bangalore

Best R Analytics Programming training institute Ecare technologies in Marathahalli, Bangalore, provides real-time and placement oriented R Analytics Programming training in Bangalore. Ecare technologies provide the Best R Analytics Programming training courses in Bangalore. Ecare R Analytics Programming training course content is designed from basics to advanced levels. We have a team of R Analytics Programming experts who are working professionals with hands-on real-time R Analytics Programming projects knowledge, which will give students an edge over other Training Institutes. R Analytics Programming training course content is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in Bangalore as soon as you complete the R Analytics Programming training course.

Best R Analytics Programming training institute in Bangalore focuses on the needs of the R Analytics Programming community. Ecare technologies listed one of the top R Analytics Programming training institutes in Bangalore. We offer R Analytics Programming education for working professionals. R Analytics Programming training in Bangalore understands the need of R Analytics Programming community. We offer all R Analytics Programming training courses as students option. Ecare technologies provide free R Analytics Programming training materials of soft copy and hard copy. Discover best R Analytics Programming training in Bangalore at Ecare technologies.
Our R Analytics Programming training courses help to students to get placement immediately after course completion. Our practical, real-time R Analytics Programming project scenarios training helps to work on R Analytics Programming projects. Our R Analytics Programming training program helps every student to achieve their goal in R Analytics Programming career.

Best Training Institute, Ecare technologies, Marathahalli Bangalore offers training with choice of multiple training locations across Bangalore. Ecare technologies R Analytics Programming training centers are having Best lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our Trained R Analytics Programming students, R Analytics Programming training course fee is very economical compared to other Training Institutes In Bangalore.

R Analytics Programming Training In Bangalore, Ecare technologies provide regular training classes, Morning Batches, Evening Batches, weekend training classes and fast-track training classes for R Analytics Programming. Ecaretechnologies provides online and Corporate training classes for R Analytics Programming.

R Analytics Programming Training Syllabus in Bangalore

CHAPTER 1: What is Data Analytics

1.            R tools and their uses in Business Analytics

2.            Objectives

3.            Analytics

4.            Where is analytics applied?

5.            Responsibilities of a data scientist

6.            Problem definition

7.            Summarizing data

8.            Data collection

CHAPTER 2: About R

1.            Difference between R and other analytical languages

2.            Different data types in R

3.            Built in functions of R: seq(), cbind (), rbind(), merge()

4.            Subsetting methods

5.            Use of functions like str(), class(), length(), nrow(), ncol(),head(), tail()

CHAPTER 3: Data manipulation in R

1.            Steps involved in data cleaning

2.            Problems and solutions for Data cleaning

3.            Data inspection

4.            Use of functions grepl(), grep(), sub()

5.            Use of apply() function

6.            Coerce the data

CHAPTER 4: Data Import techniques

1.            How R handles data in a variety of formats

2.            Importing data from csv files, spreadsheets and text files

3.            Import data from other statistical formats like sas7bdat and sps

4.            Packages installation used for database import

5.            Connect to RDBMS from R using ODBC and basic SQL queries in R

6.            Basics of Web Scraping

CHAPTER 5: Exploratory Data analysis

1.            Understanding the Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA)

2.            Implementation of EDA on various datasets

3.            Boxplots

4.            Understanding the cor() in R

5.            EDA functions like summarize()

6.            llist()

7.            Multiple packages in R for data analysis

8.            Segment plot HC plot in R

CHAPTER 6: Data Visualization in R

1.            Understanding on Data Visualization

2.            Graphical functions present in R

3.            Plot various graphs like tableplot

4.            Histogram

5.            Box Plot

6.            Customizing Graphical Parameters to improvise the plots

7.            Understanding GUIs like Deducer and R Commander

8.            Introduction to Spatial Analysis

CHAPTER 7: Data Mining: Clustering Techniques

1.            Introduction to Data Mining

2.            Understanding Machine Learning

3.            Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms

4.            K-means Clustering

CHAPTER 8: Data Mining: Association Rule Mining and Sentiment Analysis

1.            Association Rule Mining

2.            Sentiment Analysis

CHAPTER 9: Linear and Logistic Regression

1.            Linear Regression

2.            Logistic Regression

3.            CHAPTER 10: Anova

4.            Anova

5.            CHAPTER 11: Predictive Analysis

6.            Predictive Analysis

CHAPTER 12: More on Data Mining

1.            Decision Trees

2.            Algorithm for creating Decision Trees

3.            Greedy Approach: Entropy and Information Gain

4.            Creating a Perfect Decision Tree

5.            Classification Rules for Decision Trees

6.            Concepts of Random Forest

7.            Working of Random Forest

8.            Features of Random Forest


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