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Python Classes in BTM Layout Bangalore

Best Python Training in

Python Training in BTM Layout & Best Python Classes in Bangalore

Ecare Technologies offers the best Python Training in BTM Layout with most experienced professionals. We conduct all our students from the Basic Level of Python Classes to Advanced level. All these Classes are undergone not only theoretically, but also are executed on the real-time basis. Our Trainers are Real-time Working professionals in the Python Field from many years with hands on real time Python Project Knowledge.

Ecare Technologies is a highly experienced Python Training Institute in BTM Layout. This has helped students to get placed in top MNCs. We Offer Python Classes in BTM Layout for working professionals and students. we offer Regular training classes in Morning Batches and Evening Batches we also offer Weekend Training classes and Fast-track Training Classes for Python Course.

Advanced Python Course Content In Bangalore:

•      Understand the different types of Python applications

•      Recognize source code for a console application

•      Use the interactive shell

•      Manage source files

•      Fix both syntax and runtime errors

•      Compile and run a program

•      Code statements, add comments, and organize code into functions

•      Name and assign values to variables

•      Author expressions

•      Include special characters

•      Use predefined Python functions

•      Use relational and logical operators

•      Code and nest if statements

•      Use loops

•      Create and call functions

•      Provide arguments for functions

•      Use standard modules

•      Plan functions in a program with hierarchy charts

•      Gain techniques for debugging more easily, including setting breakpoints

•      Create, sort, and use lists of one or multiple dimensions

•      Create and use tuples

•      Read, write, and manage files – both text and binary

•      Work, in great detail, with various string, numeric, and date/time types

Course Outline


1. Python Basics

Running Python

Hello, World!


Python Comments

Data Types


Writing a Python Module

print() Function

Named Arguments

Collecting User Input

Getting Help


2. Functions and Modules

Defining Functions

Variable Scope

Global Variables

Function Parameters

Returning Values

Importing Modules


3. Math

Arithmetic Operators

Modulus and Floor Division

Assignment Operators

Built-in Math Functions

The math Module

The random Module



4. Python Strings

Quotation Marks and Special Characters

String Indexing

Slicing Strings

Concatenation and Repetition

Common String Methods

String Formatting

Built-in String Functions


5. Iterables: Sequences, Dictionaries, and Sets



Unpacking Sequences


The len() Function


*args and **kwargs


6. Flow Control

Conditional Statements

The is and is not Operators

Python's Ternary Operator

Loops in Python

The enumerate() Function


List Comprehensions


7. File Processing

Opening Files

The os and os.path Modules


8. Exception Handling

Wildcard except Clauses

Getting Information on Exceptions

The else Clause

The finally Clause

Using Exceptions for Flow Control

Exception Hierarchy


9. Dates and Times

Understanding Time

The time Module

The datetime Module


10. Running Python Scripts from the Comand Line

The sys Module



11. Advanced Python Concepts

Advanced List Comprehensions

Collections Module

Mapping and Filtering

Lambda Functions

Advanced Sorting

Unpacking Sequences in Function Calls

Modules and Packages


12. Working with Data



Getting Data from the Web





13. Testing and Debugging

Creating Simulations

Testing for Performance

The unittest Module


14. Classes and Objects

Creating Classes

Attributes, Methods and Properties

Extending Classes

Documenting Classes

Static, Class, Abstract Methods


Popular Interview Questions for Python Training

1. What is Python?

Python is a programming language with objects, modules, threads, exceptions and automatic memory management.

4. What is the difference between list and tuple?

The difference between list and tuple is that list is mutable while tuple is not. Tuple can be hashed for e.g as a key for dictionaries.

4. What is Dict and List comprehensions are?

They are syntax constructions to ease the creation of a Dictionary or List based on existing iterable.

What are Python decorators?

A Python decorator is a specific change that we make in Python syntax to alter functions easily.

Python Training trainer Profile & Placement

  • More than 10 Years of experience in Python Training
  • Has worked on multiple realtime Python Training
  • Working in a top MNC company in
  • Trained 2000+ Students so far in Python Training .
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • Certified Professionals

Python Training Placement in

  • More than 2000+ students Trained in Python Training
  • 92% percent Placement Record
  • 1000+ Interviews Organized

Python Training batch size in

Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

Python Training Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

Python Training Fast Track batch

  • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)

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Hi,  I have done my Python Training in Bangalore form Ecare Technologies Marathahalli.  No doubt there trainers are well educated and highly professional in delivering training sessions.


I completed my Python Training in Marathahalli. Really an amazing place to start off. Learned a lot in such a short span of time.The faculty is experienced and management is pretty good.Wish to learn more courses in the coming years. Thanks you Ecare Technologies.