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Oracle OSB Training in Bangalore & Best Oracle OSB Training Institutes in Bangalore

Best  Oracle OSB training institute ecare technologies bangalore,  provides real-time and placement oriented Oracle OSB   training in Bangalore. ecaretechnologies provides Best Oracle OSB   training courses in bangalore . ecare  Oracle OSB    training  course content designed basic to advanced levels. we have a team of Oracle OSB     experts who are working professionals with hands on real time Oracle OSB   projects knowledge, which will give students an edge over other Training Institutes. Oracle OSB training  course content  is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in bangalore as soon as you complete the Oracle OSB   training course.

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Our Oracle OSB  training courses helps to students to get placement immediately after course completion. Our practical ,real time Oracle OSB  project scenarios training helps to work on Oracle OSB projects. Our Oracle OSB   training program helps every student to achieve their goal in Oracle OSB  career.

Best Training Institute,ecare technologies,Marathalli  Bangalore offers  training with choice of multiple training locations across bangalore. Ecare technologies Oracle OSB   training  centers are having Best lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. we have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our Trained Oracle OSBstudents, Oracle OSB   training  training course fee is very economical compared to other Training Institutes In Bangalore

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•                  Overview of SOA/Web Services

o             SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Overview

o             Web Services Overview / Relationship to SOA

o             Web services Architecture

o             SOAP and WSDL Overview

•             Introduction to Java Web Services

o             Overview of Java Web Services

o             JAX-WS and JSR-181

o             Service definition with @WebService

o             Creating a Web Service with JAX-WS

•             WSDL - Web Services Description Language

o             Introduction

o             XML Namespace and XML Schema Overview

o             WSDL Structure and Elements

o             A WSDL Document

             Definition, Types, Messages, PortTypes, and Operations

             Bindings, Ports, and Services

o             SOAP 1.1 Binding for WSDL

•             SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol

o             Overview

o             Message syntax

             Envelope/Header/Body

             Detailed Soap message structure

o             SOAP Faults, Attachments

o             SOAP Messaging and HTTP Binding

o             SOAP Styles and Encoding

•             JSR-181

o             Overview

o             @WebService, Modifying the Generated Service

o             Other Annotations (@WebMethod, @SOAPBinding)

o             The SEI (Service Endpoint Interface

•             JAX-WS Capabilities

o             Overview

o             WSDL to Java Mapping

o             Capabilities (XML Messaging, Handlers, SOAP/HTTP, Client Programming

•             JAX-WS Clients

o             Programming Model, Generating Classes from WSDL

o             Writing a JAX-WS Client

o             Dynamic Clients

•             SOAP Handlers

o             Overview and Processing

o             Logical and Protocol Handlers

o             Writing/Configuring a SOAP Protocol Handler

o             Writing/Configuring a Logical Handler

•             JAXB - Java Architecture for XML Binding

o             Overview and Architecture

o             JAXB and WSDL

o             JAXB Annotations

•             Start From WSDL / Start from WSDL & Java

o             Starting From WSDL

o             Binding Customizations

o             Starting From WSDL and Java

•             Bare XML Web Services

o             XML Messaging Overview

o             JAX-WS Providers

o             A SOAP Provider and Source Provider

o             XML Clients with Dispatch

o             XML/HTTP Messaging with Provider

•             Security

o             Java EE Security / Role Based Security

o             Securing Web Services with BASIC Authentication

•             EJB-Based Web Services

o             EJB Overview

o             Programming EJB

o             Creating/Configuring EJB-Based Web Services

•             PLSQL Web Service

o             Procedure overview 

o             Programming Java with Procedure

o             Creating/Configuring PL/SQL Web Services .

•             UDDI – Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration

o             UDDI Overview and Capabilities

o             JAXR - Java API for XML Registries

o             JAXR Infomodel and Architecture

o             Using the JAXR API

•             WS-* Overview

o             WS-Interoperability (WS-I)

o             The WS-I Basic Profile

o             WS-Addressing

•             Ways of creating web service

o             Bottom up approach

o             Top-down Approach



•             Conclusion


Oracle Service Bus








•             Introduction to Oracle Service Bus

o             Advantage of Oracle Service Bus

o             Comparison between Web Service   and ESB

o             Comparison of ALSB/OSB and ESB

o             Difference  between BPM,OSB,BPEL

•             Introduction to SOA, Web Services and Role of a Service Bus

o             Typical Problem Areas

o             How SOA Helps

o             Breaking SOA Misconceptions

o             Why Service Bus is needed

•             Introduction to XML(Loosely Coupled language)

o             How to create XSD,XML

o             What is simple type ,complex type

o             What is XPATH

o             What is Xquery

o             What is XSLT

•             Introduction to OSB and OSB Architecture

•             Understand OSB & Weblogic Console, Eclipse

•             OSB Key Architecture Concepts

        Binding Layer

        Transport Layer

        Proxy and Business Services

OSB Key Concepts

        Message Context

        Message Flows

•             Understand OSB & Weblogic Console, Eclipse

OSB Message Patterns

OSB Design Time Components

•             Development of Proxy Service using Eclipse /Web logic console

o             What is proxy

o             What is Business Service

o             What is Message Flow

o             What all the different call out

o             What is protocol Mediation

o             What is branches in proxy

•             Activities involved in proxy

o             What is assign

o             What is replace

o             What is insert

o             What is delete

o             And more

•             Call out  involved in proxy

•             Exception handling

o             Different ways of exception

o             How to catch run time exceptions

•             Java callout

•             How to use XQuery and XPath  in Proxy

•             Performance technique in OSB

o             SPLIT-JOIN

•             Adapters in OSB

o             Introduction to JCA

o             DB Adatper

o             FILE Adapter

•             Reporting technique in OSB

o             Log

o             Alert

o             Report

•             How to handle security in OSB

o             What is private proxy

o             What is OWSM

o             How to handle message with security

o             How to configure the security for proxy

   Discussion .



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