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Oracle GoldenGate Training Institutes in Bangalore

Best Oracle GoldenGate Training Institutes in Bangalore

Oracle GoldenGate Training in Bangalore & Best Oracle GoldenGate Training Institutes in Bangalore

Best Oracle Goldengate training institute Ecare technologies Bangalore provides real-time and placement oriented Oracle Goldengate training in Bangalore. Ecaretechnologies provides Best Oracle Goldengate training courses in Bangalore. Ecare Oracle Goldengate training course content is designed from basics to advanced levels. We have a team of Oracle Goldengate experts who are working professionals with hands-on real-time Oracle Goldengate projects knowledge, which will give students an edge over other Training Institutes. Oracle Goldengate training course content is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in Bangalore as soon as you complete the Oracle Goldengate training course.

Best Oracle Goldengate training institute in Bangalore focuses on the needs of the Oracle Goldengate community. Ecare technologies listed one of the top Oracle Goldengate training institutes in Bangalore. We offer Oracle Goldengate education for working professionals. Oracle Goldengate training in Bangalore understands the need of Oracle Goldengate community. We offer all Oracle Goldengate training courses as students option. Ecare technologies provide free Oracle Goldengate training materials of soft copy and hard copy. Discover best Oracle Goldengate training in Bangalore at Ecare technologies.

Our Oracle Goldengate training courses help to students to get placement immediately after course completion. Our practical, real-time Oracle Goldengate project scenarios training helps to work on Oracle Goldengate projects. Our Oracle Goldengate training program helps every student to achieve their goal in Oracle Goldengate career.

Best Training Institute, Ecare technologies, Marathalli Bangalore offers training with choice of multiple training locations across Bangalore. Ecare technologies Oracle Goldengate training centers are having Best lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our Trained Oracle Goldengate students, Oracle Goldengate training course fee is very economical compared to other Training Institutes In Bangalore.

Oracle Goldengate Training In Bangalore, Ecaretechnologies provide regular training classes, Morning Batches, Evening Batches, weekend training classes, and fast-track training classes for Oracle Goldengate. Ecaretechnologies provides online and Corporate training classes for Oracle Goldengate.

Oracle GoldenGate Training Syllabus in Bangalore

ECARE Technologies is one of the pioneers in software training. We delivered the training for many individuals, groups, and corporations. We prioritize to give our best quality of training and further assistance. You have complete freedom to customize course topics and time.


Pre-requisites:  ORACLE DBA knowledge

Platform: OEL 5.4 version

Duration: 40-45hrs


Chapter 1 

·        Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate

·        Oracle GoldenGate supported processing methods and databases

·        Overview of the Oracle GoldenGate architecture

·        Overview of process types

·        Overview of groups

·        Overview of the Commit Sequence Number (CSN)

Chapter 2

·        Installing Oracle GoldenGate

·        Downloading Oracle GoldenGate 

·        Setting ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID

·        Specifying Oracle variables on UNIX and Linux systems 

·        Specifying Oracle variables on Windows systems

·        Setting library paths for dynamic builds on UNIX

·        Preparing to install Oracle GoldenGate within a cluster

·        Installing as the Oracle user

·        Supported Oracle cluster storage

·        Deciding where to install Oracle GoldenGate binaries and files in the cluster 

·        Installing Oracle GoldenGate on Linux and UNIX

·        Installing Oracle GoldenGate on Windows 

·        Installing Oracle GoldenGate into a Windows Cluster 

·        Installing the Oracle GoldenGate files 

·        Specifying a custom Manager name

·        Installing Manager as a Windows service 

·        Integrating Oracle GoldenGate into a cluster 

·        General requirements in a cluster

·        Adding Oracle GoldenGate as a Windows cluster resource 

·        Installing support for Oracle sequences


·        Configuring Manager and Network Communications  

·        Overview of the Manager process  

·        Assigning Manager a port for local communication

·        Maintaining ports for remote connections through firewalls  

·        Choosing an internet protocol    

·        Recommended Manager parameters

·        Creating the Manager parameter file

·        Starting Manager   

·        Stopping Manager  


·        Getting started with the Oracle GoldenGate process interfaces 

·        Using the GGSCI command line interface   

·        Using UNIX batch and shell scripts   

·        Using Oracle GoldenGate parameter files 

·        Supported characters in object names    

·        Specifying object names in Oracle GoldenGate input 


·        Using Oracle GoldenGate for live reporting   

·        Overview of the reporting configuration              

·        Considerations when choosing a reporting configuration        

·        Creating a standard reporting configuration             

·        Creating a reporting configuration with a data pump on the source system 

·         Creating a reporting configuration with a data pump on an intermediary system

·        Creating a cascading reporting configuration           


·        Using Oracle GoldenGate for realtime data distribution        

·        Overview of the datadistribution configuration           

·        Considerations for a datadistribution configuration    

·        Creating a data distribution configuration             


·        Configuring Oracle GoldenGate for realtime data warehousing     

·        Overview of the datawarehousing configuration            

·        Considerations for a data warehousing configuration      

·        Creating a data warehousing configuration             


·        Configuring Oracle GoldenGate for activeactive high availability   

·        Overview of an activeactive configuration            

·        Considerations for an activeactive configuration         

·        Preventing data looping                  

·        Creating an activeactive configuration              

·        Managing conflicts                     

·        Handling conflicts with the Oracle GoldenGate CDR feature       

·        Configuring Oracle GoldenGate CDR               

·        CDR example : All conflict types with USEMAX, OVERWRITE, DISCARD   

·        CDR example : UPDATEROWEXISTS with USEDELTA and USEMAX     



·        Mapping and manipulating data                

·        Limitations of support                   

·        Parameters that control mapping and data integration          

·        Mapping between dissimilar databases              

·        Deciding where data mapping and conversion will take place       

·        Globalization considerations when mapping data           

·        Mapping columns                     

·        Selecting rows                       

·        Retrieving before values                   

·        Selecting columns                     

·        Selecting and converting SQL operations             

·        Using transaction history                   

·        Testing and transforming data                 

·        Using tokens 


·        Handling Oracle GoldenGate processing errors           

·        Overview of Oracle GoldenGate error handling           

·        Handling Extract errors                   

Popular Interview Questions for Oracle GoldenGate Training

1.            What type of Topology does Goldengate support?

2.            What are the main components of the Goldengate replication?

3.            What database does GoldenGate support for replication?

4.            What transaction types does Goldengate support for Replication?

5.            What are the supplemental logging pre-requisites?

6.            Why is Supplemental logging required for Replication?

7.            List important considerations for bi-directional replication?

8.            Are OGG binaries supported on ASM Cluster File System (ACFS)?

9.            What is the default location of the GLOBALS file?

10.         Where can filtering of data for a column be configured?

11.         Is it a requirement to configure a PUMP extract process in OGG replication?

12.         What are the differences between the Classic and integrated Capture?

13.         List the minimum parameters that can be used to create the extract process?

14.         What are macros?

15.         Where can macros be invoked?

16.         How is a macro defined?

17.         I want to configure multiple extracts to write to the same exttrail file? Is this possible?

18.         What type of Encryption is supported in Goldengate?

19.         What are the different password encrytion options available with OGG?

20.         What are the different encryption levels in AES?

21.         How can you increase the maximum size of the read operation into the buffer that holds the results of the reads from the transaction log?

22.         What information can you expect when there us data in the discard file?

23.         What command can be used to switch writing the trail data to a new trail file?

24.         What are some of the key features of GoldenGate 12c?

25.         What is a Credential Store in OGG 12c?

26.         How to configure Credentail Store in OGG 12c?

27.         What command is used to create the credential store?

28.         How do you add credentials to the credential store?

29.         How do you retrieve information from the Oracle Credential Store?

30.         What are the different data encyption methods available in OGG 12c?

31.         How do you enable Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle database

32.         How does the Replicat works in a Coordinated Mode?

33.         What is the difference between Classic and Coordinated Replicat?

34.         How do you create a COORDINATED REPLICATE in OGG 12c?

35.         If have created a Replicat process in OGG 12c and forgot to specify DISCARDFILE parameter. What will happen?

36.         Is it possible to start OGG EXTRACT at a specific CSN?

37.         Can you talk about parallelism for replicats in Oracle 12c?

38.         What are the changes at the pump level in 12c when using integrated delivery?

39.         What is the difference between Integrated delivery and Coordinated delivery?

40.         List a few parameters which may help improve the replicat performance?

41.         What are the areas to monitor in Goldengate Replication?

42.         What is the PASSTHRU mode used for?

43.         What are the most common reasons of an Extract process slowing down?

44.         What are the most common reasons of the Replicat process slowing down?

45.         My extract was running fine for a long time. All of a sudden it went down. I started the extract processes after 1 hour. What will happen to my committed transactions that occurred in the database during last 1 hour?

46.         I have configured Oracle GoldenGate integrated capture process using the default values. As the data load increases I see that extract starts lagging behind by an hour (or more) and database performance degrades. How you will resolve this performance issue?

47.         Why would you segregate the tables in a repllication configuration? How would you do it?

Oracle GoldenGate Training trainer Profile & Placement

  • More than 10 Years of experience in Oracle GoldenGate Training
  • Has worked on multiple realtime Oracle GoldenGate Training
  • Working in a top MNC company in Bangalore
  • Trained 2000+ Students so far in Oracle GoldenGate Training.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • Certified Professionals

Oracle GoldenGate Training Placement in Bangalore

  • More than 2000+ students Trained in Oracle GoldenGate Training
  • 92% percent Placement Record
  • 1000+ Interviews Organized

Oracle GoldenGate Training batch size in Bangalore

Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

Oracle GoldenGate Training Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

Oracle GoldenGate Training Fast Track batch

  • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)

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I hereby confirm that i have completed Oracle Dba and goldengate course in ecaretechnologies marathalli branch. The training was good and Lab facilities were also excellent.My DBA trainer gave me a real time project training it's very useful for me to placed in Mnc.Thank you ecare support team.


"I Joined Core DBA RAC DBA and Goldengate Programme at Ecare. The experience with Ecare technologies training content and trainer was good. My Trainer took care of all the basics and what is more amazing is his way of delivering. My DBA Trainer makes sure that everyone gets their concepts clear before leaving the class. Highly Recommended!!!      "